Loving GOD


Giving to God should not be hard or difficult. There are 3 options by which you can give to God at LAC:

  1. Cheques or Cash Offering via offering envelope on Sunday morning.
  2. E-transfer Offerings – (email) E-transfers can be sent through your bank, online banking, or your banking app. Just email donation@lindenalliance.com to request a password and details about how to give via e-transfer.
  3. Automatic Offering If you know what you want to give every week or every month and want to give automatically – a regular transfer from your account to the church can be set up. To set it up please access the banking form at www.LindenAlliance.com  (link to spot on website) or email donation@lindenalliance.com. Then fill in the form and return to the church, along with a void cheque. If you don’t have cheques, the bank can provide a signed form with your account number on it.

God loves us when we give back to Him as part of our worship, the first fruit of our work

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