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Linden Alliance response to the COVID-19 update

The Elders & Staff want to give you an update concerning how we are as a church responding to COVID -19 outbreak.   We are preparing for different situations so we can still have church together in the event we can not meet for our regular service, meaning we can watch the service online at Lindenalliance.com.

While we want to remain vigilant towards the virus we do not want to be motivated by fear, we want to be motivated by the love for each other.  We believe that this is a great opportunity to pray for those countries cities, and neighbors who are struggling with fear to the unknown.

As the situation continues to develop, we will be monitoring the situation closely but at the same time praying for God to give us peace and wisdom as we respond with love to our community and families.

With Love.

Elders and Staff

Linden Alliance Church

David Hearn

President, The Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada

COVID-19 continues to impact the world, and our own nation. As partners for the Gospel, my heart is with you as you navigate this difficult time in your own community. My message to you is in this video.