What we are all about?

“Loving GOD”

 “Loving PEOPLE”

LAC is all about relationships, with others, family, friends and even acquaintances. We are learning to love God & people. We have a deep innate sense to connect with others.  As we understand how God views us – He helps us to relate to others. This is easier said than done, but as we look to Him, we find God helping us with grow personally & together.  Come, do life with us!  Learning how to love God & be loved by Him too!

So how does that work?

We understand God has spoken to people in the past and He wants to continue to speak to us today. So, we are all about learning how to know His voice. Part of that is figuring out what is keeping us from seeking and knowing Him deeper.  Allowing God to clear away those barriers that we may have put in place. It is also about allowing Him to fill us with whatever He wants, that will make us the best possible version of us that we can be.                                     Even better than we even could even imagine.

We are about helping you, your family, our community and world.

We do that all together -Everyone helping Everyone.

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