Annual General Meeting

Nominating Committee Report

It was a great pleasure to sit on the nominating committee and watch God working in us.  We met as a group, we prayed together and were able to seek what God wants for our church.

Our mission was to pray and seek God about our current board and future elders’ candidates for LAC.

The current members of our board are:

Clarke Malsbury, Peter Dyck (secretary), Alex Corbel (treasure), Jorge Santana

All of them serving for two years as LAC Board members.  For the 2021 period, Mitch Price will be stepping down as a board member, we thank God for all his work and time given to LAC, and for leading our church to be a Christ centered community.

After much listening and prayerful consideration, we sense God has not given us any further names from the congregation for 2021 – 2022 year.

The nominating committee has been unified in this and sensed His leading throughout the process.

Respectfully submitted,

Pastor Jorge Santana

On behalf of the Nominating Committee

(Mitch Price, Alex Corbel, Susan Isaac, Donna Carlson and Jorge Santana)

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