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Small Gatherings at LAC

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In light of the new guidelines that places of worship have received from the government of Alberta, the Board of Elders has decided to open the church for small gatherings, with a maximum of 20 people in attendance, for events such as Bible studies or prayer meetings.  These meetings will take place in the coffee room only and the rest of the building will remain closed until further notice.  

Sunday March 22 Update, Church Online

All Gatherings of LAC – Moving to online

All Physical Gatherings of LAC are now moving to On-Line. So be creative in the way you connect as small groups, prayer groups, ministry groups etc. There is Facebook chat and video chat, WhatsApp group texting and group video chat (max of 5 devices), Zoom (unlimited number of people for limit of 40 minutes in length), phone calls, Facetime, texting, etc.

Pastor Bruce and Elders update March 17,2020

Church – we live in unprecedented days. I don’t know about you – but it seems almost like we are living in a dream – perhaps a nightmare. So much uncertainty, information overload and uneasiness. This morning in my time with Jesus – I was reading from Psalm 42. I could identify with the last verse – where he talks about his soul being so disturbed within him. Yet the very next statement – he looks beyond his current feelings and says – Put YOUR hope in God – and I, David, will do the same – I will praise him. MY Saviour and MY God. OUR Saviour and OUR God.