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Sunday March 22 Update, Church Online

All Gatherings of LAC – Moving to online

All Physical Gatherings of LAC are now moving to On-Line. So be creative in the way you connect as small groups, prayer groups, ministry groups etc. There is Facebook chat and video chat, WhatsApp group texting and group video chat (max of 5 devices), Zoom (unlimited number of people for limit of 40 minutes in length), phone calls, Facetime, texting, etc.

Pastor Bruce and Elders update March 17,2020

Church – we live in unprecedented days. I don’t know about you – but it seems almost like we are living in a dream – perhaps a nightmare. So much uncertainty, information overload and uneasiness. This morning in my time with Jesus – I was reading from Psalm 42. I could identify with the last verse – where he talks about his soul being so disturbed within him. Yet the very next statement – he looks beyond his current feelings and says – Put YOUR hope in God – and I, David, will do the same – I will praise him. MY Saviour and MY God. OUR Saviour and OUR God.