Connecting with the Parents

October Lessons ” Dreaming Dreams “

Chapter 8. Dreaming Dreams: This chapter’s Lesson Summary: In the Bible, dreams are a primary way God communicated with people—from patriarchs and disciples, to foreign kings and evil rulers.

In dreams God would warn, direct, and help people in their life circumstances. He still is doing that today. This week we taught children that dreams are important, how to distinguish between a normal dream and one that comes from God, and the basics of interpreting the meanings of dreams..

Power Verse (memorize this verse with your child)

He speaks in dreams,in visions of the night when deep sleep falls on people as they lie in bed.

Job 33:15 NLT

Pray Acts 2:17 over your children. (Place his or her name in the blank)

Father, I ask that You speak to my child through dreams and visions. Teach us Your ways, and teach us to know which ones are from You and are important. Create a hunger and curiosity in _______ to want to know what You are saying to him/her in dreams.

A Parents food for thought.

Try asking your children first thing in the morning around the breakfast table if they had any dreams the night before. Encourage your child to write them down in a book or tablet. Discuss what the meanings might be. If you need help, there are many videos and books that can be of assistance online, or ask your pastor. Take your child’s dreams seriously, because it is common for God to have a message for the whole family through the dreams of one child. When the child is made aware of their importance at young ages, it impacts him through his life. Go back periodically to the dreams written down and read them with your child again. You will be surprised how many come to pass.


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