Pastor Bruce and Elders update March 17,2020

Church – we live in unprecedented days. I don’t know about you – but it seems almost like we are living in a dream – perhaps a nightmare. So much uncertainty, information overload and uneasiness. This morning in my time with Jesus – I was reading from Psalm 42. I could identify with the last verse – where he talks about his soul being so disturbed within him. Yet the very next statement – he looks beyond his current feelings and says – Put YOUR hope in God – and I, David, will do the same – I will praise him. MY Saviour and MY God. OUR Saviour and OUR God.

As elders and staff we are talking, praying and trying to navigate our church through this and are looking for opportunities in the midst of crisis. So we invite you to pray for us as we seek to find ways to help us navigate these challenges. We may not be able to create a cure – but we can help us journey together.

God has never forsaken us. Yet the challenges before us would easily lead us to question the craziness we are facing. So even as David did – thirst for him as a deer pants for the water – (Psalm 42:1). We need to crave him. Spend time with Jesus in the Bible. Worship him through listening to music. Just be still and allow him to speak to you. He is there and  lead us – all of us. Invite Him to lead. I know it seems we have no control over our going out and coming in, schedules, perhaps even jobs, challenges with kids, parents, health and toilet paper. Let’s seek him together. Don’t try and do it on your own. Jesus is here and will be here for all of us.

He also knows we need each other. So let’s be creative in “connecting”.  We know we can’t be close in the tangible way – in a physical sense – but we have technology that will allow us to stay connected. Do that. Stay connected. With Jesus and with each other.

As God meets you and you see his work in you or around you – we want to celebrate HIM and HIS work. Let us know so we can share that with others – and together can praise God. Also feel free to reach out to any of the elders and staff and spouses if you have questions, feel fear creeping in and just need assurance, prayer or you just need to talk… We are here for you…

Pastors Bruce (Vange) and Jorge (Mandy) – Elders Mitch (Beth), Clarke (Wanda), Peter (Randi), and Alex (Krysten).


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